Google Meet Grid View Extension Privacy Policy

Updated March 27, 2020

Download PDF with Ryan's Signature

The Google Meet Grid View Extension was created by Ryan Meyers for St. George’s Episcopal School in New Orleans, Louisiana. While we are very happy that it is useful to other schools and organizations experiencing the same need to adapt to new norms in order to help keep communities safe in the context of the current public health crisis, our Tech Team is working long hours just to support our own faculty and students as the transition to online teaching and learning continues to unfold. As such, we are not able to provide any meaningful support experience for schools who are utilizing the extension and certainly cannot accept feature requests at this time. The source code is released with a generous MIT license and hosted publicly on GitHub, however, and any pull requests that improve the extension will be evaluated. Additionally, instructions for building the extension yourself and hosting your own version will be provided on the document on the GitHub repository.

The extension does not save any data or send it anywhere. It is an exclusively cosmetic adjustment to the Google Meet web interface on Chrome Browsers. Basically, it takes the data that is already there and changes the way it looks. It doesn’t “phone home” anywhere, nor can it provide any sort of reporting tools, as it doesn’t gather any data at all.

Ryan cannot sign individual documents for school districts or schools in any timely manner, but will provide a signature on this document to indicate his promise that no student data is stored or transmitted (outside of what Google is already doing themselves) by the installation of this extension. That being said, if you have any concerns at all, just don’t use it or build your own version of it for your school.

Ryan also worked on this project independently of any instruction from St. George’s Episcopal School and any errors or repercussions are the result of his own work, and should not reflect on the school. BUT he does love the school and hopes that any gratitude in the form of monetary donations are made via the St. George’s website with the designation of “Tech Team Support of St. George’s Community Fund”

Ryan Meyers
Director of Your Friendly Neighborhood Tech Team
St. George’s Episcopal School
923 Napoleon Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70115